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Livejournal Quiz (Questions Omitted)

  1. pineapple juice
  2. two towers (extended)
  3. hum-us and pee-tah
  4. Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns
  5. water
  6. 3rd big lebowski viewing
  7. open office compilation
  8. kraftwerk
  9. two pairs of shorts
  10. one pair of raindeer pj-pants
  11. clean room
  12. coffee
  13. sleepwalking into paula's room
  14. two mushroom burgers with a-1
  15. sleepwalking in diningroom; petting tib shirtless; witnessed by paula
  16. tib
  17. mckern
  18. eventual nyquil
  19. lcdproc
  20. purchasing an lcd
  21. ir rc
  22. compiling dvd support into xine
  23. firebird thunderbird
  24. karl hungus
  25. corn
  26. wheat
  27. tax return
  28. jaw tightness, teeth grinding
  29. roxane
  30. java
  31. taxi driver
  32. hobert_europe
  33. the final temptation of trigonometry

The Roman soldiers set his cross in the ground, and in the act that would seal Cosine's fate, lifted him up, and nailed him to the cross. The sun beat down on his shoulders, hotter than he had ever felt, as if it was to rend a hole in the sky itself. The expression on Cosine's face quickly gave way to sheer panic and terror. Screaming maniacally, his throat quickly became parched and cracked; flecks of blood flew from his mouth. He yelled curses at the Roman State, profaned the name of Jupiter, and proclaimed the totality of opposite over hypotenuse. Quickly growing bored, the Roman lords left the scene, leaving the rabble of Cosine's supporters to grovel at their messiah's feet. As they reached the foot of the cross, one last spasm of incredible pain coursed through Cosine's body. Losing all bowel control, he defecated on his followers, marring their rags with his waste and blood. Thus was the fate for any who dared oppose Rome's glory. Trigonometry was quickly forgotten, considered to be just one of the many charlatan schemes that came and went in Rome.
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